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"Christian's analysis of business history is a source of inspiration for the future. As an executive, its perspective and insights keep you humble. Moreover, it is delightful reading."
—Jeroen van der Veer, Former CEO of Shell

"Christian defines clear principles for persistent business achievement; ones that Nokia continues to adopt in driving for success."
—Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Nokia

"Christian's suggestions are surprising, sometimes provocative. A great inspiration for consultants and leaders who want to make enduring success a reality."
—Burkhard Schwenker, CEO, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
"Without understanding the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them. Enduring Success provides well-reasoned grounding in those lessons in a world that is increasingly turbulent and risky, and where the longer term view is more important than ever."
—Chris Zook, Head of Global Strategy Practice, Bain & Company, Bestselling author of Profit from the Core
"Contrary to much of the modern management literature, Christian Stadler's study is based on the observaiton of historical facts over sufficiently long periods to be sure that the reasons for sustainable business success (or failure!) have become visible. A must read!@
—Arie de Geus, Bestelling author of The Living Company
"By identifying and acting on behaviors that increase longevity, humans have greatly extended the average life span. If human life expectancy lengthened through identification of longevity factors, why can't companies'? This work will help organizations identify strategies to enable longer 'lives.'"
—Vicki R. TenHaken, Professor of Management, Hope College, Former Executive Vice President of Strategy, Herman Miller, Inc.

“This book presents core concepts that explain why implementation lies at the intersection of environment, strategy, and organization. Stadler explains theseprinciples with terrifi c examples. I really enjoyed reading about each company and this helped to expand my thinking. I cannot say that for most business booksthat I read.”
—Sayan Chatterjee, Professor of Management Policy,Case Western Reserve University, Author of Failsafe Strategy


Articles about Enduring Success


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