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Although very challenging, the current recession is by no means the first economic crisis that companies have faced. We explore how 18 European companies survived and prospered for more than 100 years, overcoming the Great Depression, two World Wars and two Oil Crises. Their experiences shed valuable light on how to thrive even in turbulent times and achieve enduring success.

This is their recipe for success:

- Exploit before exploring
- Manage finance and other assets conservatively
- Remember and share both mistakes and triumphs
- Diversify into related businesses
- Change in culturally sensitive ways

Learn more: YouTube, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Fortune/CNN1, Fortune/CNN2, Financial Times, CBS, MIX, Rorotoko, Consulting Magazine, FAZ, BNET, Strategic Direction

 What others say about the book:
"Christian Stadler's analysis of business history is a source of inspiration for the future. As an executive, its perspective and insights keep you humble. Moreover, it is delightful reading."
—Jeroen van der Veer, Former CEO of Shell

"Christian Stadler defines clear principles for persistent business achievement; ones that Nokia continues to adopt in driving for success."
—Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Nokia
Listed among top 20 management books 2011 by 800 CEO READ

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We would like to thank the “Jubiläumsfonds der OeNB” for funding our research and Davis Dyer from The Winthrop Group, Inc. for his ideas and support and Hannes Wiesflecker for helping to sort out the technology issues on this site.

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